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Best Practices

SharePoint 2013: The better task list

Within SharePoint you are able to organize all your daily to do´s within a task list. This is a standard feature of SharePoint and you are able to add it to all your SharePoint sites.

But is there a better way for you to work with tasks within SharePoint? Find out by clicking on read more… (more…)

SharePoint 2013: Default Values for Folders

Hi, I just want to show a quick solution to add metadata to a document. There are many ways to get this job done. One option is to use default Settings for folders. This option has some limitations, we will discuss later.

First, we will create a Document Library:


SharePoint 2013: Current User Name using XSL and ParameterBinding

Sometimes you want to make parts of your form available for a certain logged in user or the opposite you want to hide some parts of your form for a special user.

In my case I want to test if a certain person field equals the current logged in user and if it is true I want to display some extra stuff.

There are only 3 Steps left to achieve your goal:

  1. Add two lines under <xsl:param name=”dvt_apos”><xsl:param name=”UserID” />
    <xsl:param name=”LogonUser”/>
  2. Add two lines to your ParameterBinding<ParameterBinding Name=”UserID” Location=”CAMLVariable” DefaultValue=”CurrentUserName”/>
    <ParameterBinding Name=”LogonUser” Location = “ServerVariable(LOGON_USER)” />
  3. Now use some code to decide if current user is equal to a certain person field and do some stuff. Change @MyPersonField to your needs.

        <xsl:when test=”contains(@MyPersonField, $UserID)”>
            Display Current Logon User ID:    <xsl:value-of select=”$LogonUser”></xsl:value-of>
            Display Current Logon User Name: <xsl:value-of select=”$UserID”></xsl:value-of>
            … do other stuff …

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SharePoint Rollout & Governance thoughts 2

“Provide a custom branding of your company style” was one idea of my last post about the thoughts which could be thought if you’re planning to rollout SharePoint.

So if you’re interested please look into the category for rollout & governance.

In this post i would like to write down some thoughts on the branding of your SharePoint site.

Well, of course you normally defined already a corporate design or identity which could be used for your SharePoint application. If your SharePoint application comes close or is exactly what your corporate design defines it makes it easier for your endusers to feel “home” in your application. They identify this application to your company and their work. Another reason is to remove the SharePoint logo, because the enduser doesn’t care about what technology and its name. They need to do their job and in order to do so they need an application which supports their daily work. Therefore it is easier to call your application something which has to do with their work like workspace or intranet. (more…)

SharePoint Rollout & Governance thoughts 1

It might come the day when the IT department decides to provide the SharePoint platform for other departments or parts of the company cause they found out that it is a good tool to work with. So many posts, articles, presentations have been written and kept but they all talked about governance, how to define processes, building teams for service, for helpdesk, for development, for doing all kind of stuff and let them work together (hopefully with SharePoint:-) ). That is something which is really useful and should be followed by IT departments and the business units. But i would like to share small things which can be done practically from the IT to bring up a good service for your endusers.

A Rollout out of SharePoint is a big step, it is important that the platform is available, stable and fast. But another important fact is, that the user needs trainings, the UI should be easy, the features should support the daily work, the processes should be supported and so on. That’ often closer to be a wish and not a fact. So i would like to share and collect some ideas on

  • how to improve the UI
  • how to improve the overview for users
  • how to support the important features (using more metadata than folders)
  • how to start with small steps
  • how to make anything easier for starters

So if you have an idea please leave a comment.

A first idea is the topic about templates. Site templates or list templates can make it easier for the acceptance of your users. Not because you create new shiny list templates, but by the fact that SharePoint offers a wide range of lists which the user might not know for what to use. So you could offer him some simple easy to use templates and make the decision process much smaller. It’s similiar if you want to buy some candy: Look into your shop where you would buy it, and try to find a decision: You’ll realize that the choices are too many. So cut them down. (more…)