European SharePoint Conference 2014 (#ESPC14 Barcelona) Day 3 Summary

The third day at #ESPC14 went by and it was the last day at Barcelona. This day provides a lot of sessions again but the best session was the keynote.

KeyNote 3 Attractive & Collaborative Business Intelligence with MS Power BI and SharePoint by Rafal Lukawiecki

Again Rafal shows how cool Power BI can be. He demonstrated connecting your own data from SQL database or SP list and connect it with data from marketplace(for free) to make beautiful charts and it does not matter how many rows there are, the response does not take long. He also demonstrated the usage of maps (Bing) with your data. Those examples were all really cool, but the best came at the end when he opens Office 365 with BI portal and just types a question into the search field like “sales data vs. population in USA” and the result was a nice diagram. It’s like Siri for people wants to use BI. Great Session. Continue reading

SharePoint & MS Dynamics CRM – together we are strong

I don’t know what was first: customer relationship management or collaboration – the fact is both is based on information which is stored in any system – locally or on server or in the minds of your staff. Most important is that many companies are using software to improve their processes along CRM, Collaboration and other issues (document management). And on top they are using different software for different subjects. You can imagine what comes next? Right – How can we bring those data together? At the moment they are separated by systems. Or most employees are not able to see all data due to licencing problems and therefore don’t have all information on their board.

If your company uses SharePoint and other systems, it might be interesting to integrate them. SharePoint offers a lot of possibilities to extend it, integrate other systems, different sources, etc (e.g.: Business Connectivity Services, Excel Services, Performance Point Services, InfoPath via Webservices, Custom Code). Let’s assume that the CRM System is Microsoft Dynamics CRM. What scenarios might make an integration necessary or interesting? Continue reading

SharePoint 2013 Does it make me happy?

Hurray, should we be happy about the new version of SharePoint or not? If you want to answer this question to yourself you should have a look at these interesting links:

By the way, if you have some more interesting links about the new version, please let me know.

I didn’t read all details but what I read about it makes me happy. I hope the social features are as it could have been in SharePoint 2010 already and it’s interesting what new standard features are available as well as the development area which is different cause of the use of Apps.



SharePoint 2010 & Business Intelligence

As appendix for the European SharePoint Conference 2011 in Berlin, i would like to provide some interesting links for the use of BI with SharePoint and Office 2010.

If you like to download the add-in for Powerpivot in Excel 2010 with some great additional features, you should go to

Another interesting Portal for BI is the Microsoft BI Labs:

Or if you like to connect Data with Bing Maps in SharePoint or with SharePoint you should look at the solution from codeplex:

Information about SQL Server and BI possibilities you’ll find some videos on, which might be helpful.


If you have some more helpful links, i would like to hear and will add them in this post.