Sharepoint List item attachments validating in #spforms

Working with list item attachments is not the best option, but it makes sense at certain points. For example it is a good place to store a pdf-version of your list item or other additional information to the listitem.

If you add an attachment to the list, SharePoint stores the listitem and then tries to upload your attachment. If the attached file has an incorrect filename or characters which are not allowed, the file will not be attached, but the list item will be saved. That’s not so cool, if you’re running workflows on your list.

One possibility is to validate the file name before the save event occurs. Continue reading

SharePoint 2013: eSignature with SharePoint 2013 / 21-CFR-Part-11

Electronic Signatures with SharePoint is not impossible. There are some steps to perform to enable eSignature for your SharePoint Library.

How to set up 21-CFR-Part-11 you will find here: Continue reading

Reminder: Webcast über SharePoint Forms am 26.Juni

Bald ist es soweit, am Donnerstag läuft der Webcast zum Thema “Wunsch und Wirklichkeit bei Microsoft SharePoint Forms – Usability und Anpassungsmöglichkeiten

Den sollte man nicht verpassen und damit das nicht passiert, gibt es hier nochmal die Infos:

Hier geht es zur Anmeldung und hier gibt es die Infos.

Der Webcast findet am 26.Juni 2014 ab 15 Uhr statt. Es ist danach als Download verfügbar.

Der Webcast ist ein kleiner Ausschnitt – quasi ein Preview – zum Vortrag den ich auf der ShareConf 2014 halten werde unter dem Titel “Wunsch und Wirklichkeit bei Microsoft SharePoint Forms – Usability und Anpassungsmöglichkeiten“.

Also warum noch warten und direkt anmelden!

SharePoint PreSaveAction helps for actions before saving an item

If you’re customizing SharePoint listforms or SharePoint forms you have normally a save or cancel button. If you want to have a pre-action for the save button, that means there should something happen before the item will be saved if the user clicks on the save button, you can use the javascript function PreSaveAction(). This function takes place before saving the item.

I my customer project i need this function for the following scenario. The user has to choose a value from dropdown list. If the selected item from dropdown has a special value, the user should get a message, that informs him about a special situation and that he should confirm to proceed.

<script type="text/javascript">
function PreSaveAction()
var ddlValue = document.getElementById("< %=ddlStatus.ClientID%>");
if (ddlValue.selectedIndex == 3 || ddlValue.options[ddlValue.selectedIndex].value.indexOf("Text to check") != -1) {
var confirmation = confirm("The item will be set to readonly afterwords. Proceed by clicking the OK-Button.");
return confirmation;
return true;


After that the message appears if you click the save button:


Hope this helps you.

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