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What to do if SharePoint Database is in compatibility range and upgrade is recommended

If you see the message “Database is in compatibility range and upgrade is recommended” in the central administration (Upgrade and migration part) then you might have done an update of the SharePoint version. Often it is the BDC Database.  See also this post. Run the powershellscript: (Get-SPDatabase | ?{$_.type -eq "Microsoft.SharePoint.BusinessData.SharedService.BdcServiceDatabase"}).Provision() Hope it helps you.

SharePoint 2010 Deploy BDC Model on Foundation with Visual Studio

Information about integrating external data into SharePoint are available all over the web. You normally create a visual studio project, create your bdc model and deploy it to your SharePoint Server. That’s fine if you are using SharePoint Standard or Enterprise licence / version. But if you’re working with the SharePoint Foundation version it throws…