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SharePoint 2010 One possibility to filter hyperlinks

SharePoint and hyperlinks – this is really curios. If you ever used the column type hyperlink in a SharePoint list, you may know what i mean. Hyperlinks are available but with limited functions:

  • No filtering possible
  • No option to open it in a new window

The hyperlinks automatically open the webadress in a new window if you are in detail view of an item, but not in the listview. But you can check the hyperlink at inserting – great! That means, if your customers wants to manage some web applications in a list and requires that the link opens in a new window at the listview and that he can filter and sort these web applications, you have to find a way to get it that way working. Well, you could write a custom fieldtype. But that means writing code, deployment steps and testing as well as maybe some more things to do (documentations). (more…)

Summary of my Day 2 at the European SharePoint Conference in Berlin 2011

It is all about - What you have to manage if you think about SharePointToday is day 2 of visiting the SharePoint Conference in Berlin. If you listen to so many people speaking about SharePoint they always talk about: Simplicity, Culture, Business Requirements, Content, People, Slow Innovation and of course Search. It seems to be that the most important function in SharePoint is the Search Function.

If there is something we have learned from Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Ebay and Co. than it is something like this:

  • Users wants to see what is new
  • Users wants to see what has changed
  • Users wants hidden treasures and deals
  • Users wants to have comments
  • Users wants to have the knowledge of the “Experts”
  • Users wants to have the knowledge of the “Intelligent” System
So the challange is to give the users the option to find everything they need in one place. But be careful it is not easy to establish social media in the enterprise. You have to deal with the speed of change, globalization and workforce demographics. Now it is easy to say “We need social media” but do you realy need everything, everywhere and everytime? Sometimes it is better to do more with less. Be sure that your stuff is ready to understand what is possible with social media before they get the tools to do everything wrong. So one best practice tip is to start small and innovate slow. Do not doing thinks only because it is cool. And do not think that with SharePoint or other software the perfect solution is right there.
Here are some statements to think about:
  • Identify business gaps that can be done more productive by social features
  • Things that will ruin social media for everyone
.             –  Updating Facebook every 5 minutes
.             –  Posting photos of your boss
.             –  Blogging company announcments
.             –  Tweeting within a team meeting
.             –  Posting work party videos
  • Just because it is moved into SharePoint does not immidiately solve your issues
  • Try to send a email without knowing to whom you have to send the email
  • They are here and they did not need email – next generation workforce
  • It is all about limitaion