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SharePoint Powershell Remove and add Solutions

Here is just some small scripts from powershell to remove and install SharePoint Solutions. Uninstall-SPSolution –Identity <nameofwsp>.wsp Remove-SPSolution –Identity </nameofwsp><nameofwsp>.wsp Add-SPSolution "C:\Install\</nameofwsp><nameofwsp>.wsp" Install-SPSolution -Identity </nameofwsp><nameofwsp> -GacDeployment Need some more resources: German article Detailed article ..:: I LIKE SHAREPOINT ::..

InfoPath Fill or empty a repeating table in browser-based form by using code-behind

InfoPath is a powerful tool which can be customized by using rules or custom code behind. At one of my projects it was necessary to display some additional information from a database dependent on which checkbox the user clicked / checked. Another request to this was that the form has to be browser-enabled cause it…