What Office 365 Administrator should know about PowerPlatform

Office 365 Administratrors have a lots of Admin Centers and a lot of settings they should know. Some settings have an UI and others only have Powershell Interfaces. If you start with Office 365 you are busy with all the stuff about Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, External Sharing, Guest settings and processes internally. But there is another important topic. PowerPlatform. This service can be used by your users and it might make sense, to raise up some limits. But i can tell you for now, you cannot limit the usage completely.

Restrict the creation of new environments in PowerPlatform

At first you should prevent that normal users can create new environments. Environments are like containers, in which the permissions and data are stored. So you go to your PowerApps Admin Center and click on the settings icon in the top bar.

Then choose settings. After that you can change that everyone can create environments to “Only specific admins”. Specific Admins means Global Admin, D365 Admins and PowerPlatform Admins can create environments.

Now only your administrators can create new environments. Your endusers still can create new Apps or Flows in the environments which already exists. But of course there will always be the default environment which can be used by your users.

Restrict self service for signup / subscription and trials

But that is not all you can do. Endusers are able by default to start free trials or buy themselves subscriptions for PowerApps or PowerAutomate Plans. So if you want to disable those settings, please have a look at my other post.

Restrict some Connectors

In PowerApps Admin center you can create Data Loss Prevention Policies. These policies can restrict the usage of connectors. But it’s just not block or not block. You define which connectors can be used together and which will be blocked. It is highly recommended to block some of those connectors if you don’t want your users to use them. But of course you should talk to your business about what they really need. I will write those details in a next blog post.

As you can see currently there are over 600 connectors available.

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