Power Platform: Managed Environments

Managed Environments in M365 Power Platform should help administrators and IT to have better administration and control of content created in this environments. The primary elements of managed environments are

  • Enable maker welcome content (currently preview)
  • Limit sharing
  • weekly usage insights
  • data policies
  • set up Power Platform pipelines

Enable maker welcome content (currently preview)

In this section it is possible to insert custom content to welcome a new maker in the App studio. It will pop a welcome message

Limit sharing

This section helps to limit or reduce the amount of sharing

There are options to exclude security groups or limit total individuals.

Usage insights

This means a weekly admin digest and it includes analytics about your top apps, most impactful makers and inactive resources

you can add more recipients to this weekly email, that is a nice features.

Data policies

data policies are important for every environment you have. But this features helps you with an overview of data policies which belongs to the selected environment.

Solution Checker (preview)

Cause of preview state it should not be used for production. But the solution checker runs checks on your solutions against a set of best practice rules and identify problematic patterns.


Last but not least the important part. What does it cost me?

Managed environments expects from every user running an app in a managed environment at least

  • Power Apss per User or per app licence
  • D365 Enterprise licence with premium Power Apps usage rights

Same applies for flows. You can read the details in the documentation for licencing.


Now you can decide if you want to pay the licence price for those features. It depends not on the amount of environments you have but on the amount of user who are using those resources.

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