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If you start reading this, you might got into a situation where you want to build up a second farm which has the same configuration as your first farm. But farm 1 is hardly documented or even nothing documented. Or in case you just want to find out, what’s your configuration. There fore i posted two links in the bottom of this article. There you’ll find a prepared script to read your configuration which is really great. What is prepared in the script?

  • Retrieve Web Application information.
  • Retrieve custom layout information.
  • Determine how SharePoint designer access is configured.
  • Retrieve information about alternate access mapping
  • Retrieve information about content databases
  • Retrieve database properties for each database
  • Retrieve information about all SharePoint Products installed in the farm, and the versions of all updates installed for each product.
  • Retrieve farm information
  • Retrieve information about the servers in the farm
  • Retrieve information about installed features
  • Retrieve information about globally-installed site templates
  • Retrieve information about deployed solutions
  • Retrieve information about sandboxed solutions deployed in a site collection
  • Retrieve information about claims authentication
  • Retrieve information about installed Help
  • Retrieve information about the logging levels that have been set
  • Retrieve information about the sites in the farm
  • Retrieve ULS logging information
  • Retrieve information about accounts registered in the configuration database
  • Retrieve specific information about the certificate authority
  • Retrieve information about content deployment jobs
  • Retrieve information about the Mobile Messaging account.
  • Retrieve information about the service applications in the farm
  • Retrieve information about the services running in the farm
  • Retrieve information about InfoPath form services
  • Retrieve information about common Web service settings
  • Retrieve specific information for the Access Services service application
  • Application Discovery and Load Balancer Service Application
  • Business Data Connectivity Service
  • Retrieve information about data connection files. Excel Services Application
  • Managed Metadata Service
  • PerformancePoint Service Application
  • Retrieve search information
  • Security Token Service Application
  • Retrieve information about the security token service used for incoming SOAP messages.
  • Retrieve information about the State Service.
  • Retrieve information about the Usage and Health Data Collection service application.
  • Visio Service
  • Web Analytics Service Application
  • Word Automation Services

I can recommend to read this technet article. There you’ll find a prepared script, to get information about your SharePoint Server and its configuration, installed features and more.

Technet Article for SharePoint 2010

Technet Article for SharePoint 2013


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