MySQL Real Escape Function in C#

If you need a similiar function to the mysql_real_escape_string() from php, you might could use this one:

public static string MySQLEscape(string str)
return Regex.Replace(str, @"[\x00'""\b\n\r\t\cZ\\%_]",
delegate(Match match)
string v = match.Value;
switch (v)
case "\x00":            // ASCII NUL (0x00) character
return "\\0";
case "\b":              // BACKSPACE character
return "\\b";
case "\n":              // NEWLINE (linefeed) character
return "\\n";
case "\r":              // CARRIAGE RETURN character
return "\\r";
case "\t":              // TAB
return "\\t";
case "\u001A":          // Ctrl-Z
return "\\Z";
return "\\" + v;

Found it here. Here is another solution.

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