SharePoint 2013: Get File Size of List Attachments

Sometimes you just want to know how big are your attachments within a SharePoint list? Here you get a simple PowerShell Script to get these information


Sample list called “MySampleList” and as you can see there are more than one attachments added to file “Mein File 1”

Use the following code:

[sourcecode language=”powershell”]

#Version 1.0
< # .DESCRIPTION .NOTES File Name : GetListAttachmentInformation.ps1 Author : Dennis de Vries ( Copyright 2014 : INCONSULT Volker Schäfer / Dennis de Vries .LINK ..::ILikeSharePoint::.. #>
$web = Get-SPWeb -Identity http://isv82/sites/ddv/
$list = $web.Lists[“MySampleList”]
foreach ($item in $list.Items)
$attachmentCollection = $item.Attachments
$folder = $web.GetFolder($attachmentCollection.UrlPrefix);
foreach ($file in $folder.Files)
Write-Host $item.Title
Write-Host $file.Name
Write-Host $file.Length



Within the output you will get the File Size:


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