Support for SharePoint 2010 ends!

There still companies out there using SharePoint 2010. Why not – Sometimes companies invest a lot of money and customize their system to their needs that a migration would be expensive or time consuming. So that might be also a reason that some Moss 2007 are out there and still active.

But the reason for the post is just the information about the official support of Microsoft: At the 14.10.2015 the mainstream support for SharePoint 2010 Server is over. SharePoint 2010 is now in the extended support. What does that mean? Therefore let me link you to a post of Stefan Goßer.

  • We recommend to upgrade to SharePoint 2013.

  • Only security related hotfixes will be created for SharePoint 2010. Any other problems in our product will not be fixed (except for customers who purchased Extended Hotfix Support through Premier Support).

  • Support cases which are caused by problems in our product will no longer be free of charge.

  • You will still get paid-support (including pay-per-incident Premier and Essential Support) through Microsoft Customer Support Services.

  • You can still get product-specific information using the online Microsoft Knowledge Base or Support site at Microsoft Help and Support to find answers to technical questions

For more details see our Microsoft Support Lifecycle Policy FAQ:

Ok, that was a good info. If you now think, ok i will wait some weeks and upgrade to SharePoint 2016 immediately from SharePoint 2010… Stop thinking about that. Like ITUnity wrote in their blog:

Senior Technical Product Manger Bill Baer announced that upgrade to SharePoint Server 2016 from SharePoint 2010 will require a “hop” through SharePoint 2013.

Well, what can i say?


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