BI in the Cloud: Opportunities, Paths, and the future

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Business Intelligence for Everyone Everywhere – but How?It is the cloud? Private or Public?

Private Cloud as a better data centre which is cheaper, easier and automatic. “It is tactical not strategic”. While the public cloud could be the strategic future for IT. There are no walls, any device,  consumer-grade too and for anyone.

Public cloud is about integration and interoperable with apps, data and access. Of course you have to think about security, data and access. But if you just think with innovative and creative aspects to this subject you will find many good possibilities to use the cloud for BI and bring a smile to every analyst.

The data would be in the cloud, that means always fresh, always on and easy to mashup. There are some examples that shows data selling is a market ike (Windows Azure Marketplace). So Rafal demonstrate a mashup based on Powerpivot Excel Workbook and Windows Azure Marketplace. Really nice. The Marketplace offers a feed, so you have always fresh data. It can be so easy, Rafal show it in a few minutes.

“Anybody who can write e-mails will be a business analyst in future” – sounds like a good vision. What does that mean? Using Excel is a kind of Business Intelligence as Rafal said. Everybody can analyse data with this tool. If you want to buy a television, what do you do? You compare date like prices and features. People want to compare everything, their jobs, their income, their life, mobile phones, cars, homes, etc.

For the future look at BI semantic model of Microsoft. All SQL Server and SharePoint are available in the public Cloud. And of course beautiful visualisations in Office, PowerPivot, PivotViewer, Performance Point and Bing maps through the browser. That means Cloud data quality and BI on-demand services will raise.

Why this all? Bi in the cloud offers right insight, right format at right time.

That have been another really nice session from Rafal. Thanks!

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