Project 2010 and SharePoint 2010 Better together

Project Server helps not only Project Managers, but also Stakeholders, Teammembers, Resource Managers and IT.

The benefits are reducing cost and improving business outcomes if you use project server in a right way. You can get a lot of value if you have all relevant information and can use workflows and automation.

Portfolio Management, Project Management, Resource Management, Collaboration and Communication will be supported with SharePoint and Project.

Why Microsoft Project 2010?

  • Usability & Capability
  • Price and total cost of Ownership
  • Sring EPM Ecosystem
  • Robust Technology
  • Connects to key systems

That means it brings information and resource together which helps you to plan and overview your project.

The demo includes many charts, graphics and symbols. It really looks interesting. There are overviews of budget, time and of course of the workflow. There are many visualizations and features available.

The combination of SharePoint and Project Server is very interesting for Deciders as well as developer or consultants.

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