SharePoint 2010: QM Handbook Generator Prototype

We start developing a simple QM Handbook Generator for SharePoint. It uses standard Word 2010 functions and also standard SharePoint components. Except the job to generate PDF documents we wrote a short console application to do this job because we have to expand the master document to get all information of it s subdocuments. First have a look at the basic components:

Additional lists added to the solution to track all actions around this application. There is a log-list with all important information.

To publish or approve a handbook it is a simple click away within the context menu of the handbook item.

Each chapter could be approved by itself.

Each time a new chapter is approved it will be added to the spooler.

With this spooler we generate all new handbook versions. Each time there is a new approved chapter. The job will generate the updated master document and publish it as a pdf document to a special library.

So if you are interested in some special parts of this solution let us know. Then I will write some more detailed information.

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