InfoPath setting date value with code behind

Format matters! So if you ever tried to set a date value to an infopath form by using code behind, you might got this really nice displaying with a beautiful red dotted border:

Why? It’s easy – cause you have to format the date in the right way InfoPath expects it! InfoPath expects it this way: yyyy-mm-dd.

Well that’s easy. But in order to overwrite the value of a datefield, you have to insert these lines of code in order to overwrite a date field with string values! So i didn’t test it without this function:

public void DeleteNil(XPathNavigator node)
if (node.MoveToAttribute("nil", "<a href=""></a>"))

After that you can use this function in order to set attribute and overwrite the field by setting the value as you desire.

//In order to overwrite the field with datetime

//Opening the access to the field of the form
XPathNavigator navForm = this.CreateNavigator();
XmlNamespaceManager NS = this.NamespaceManager;

DeleteNil(navForm.SelectSingleNode("/my:meineFelder/my:CreationDay", NS));

DateTime getDate = Convert.ToDateTime(dr["CreateDate"]);

string convDate = getDate.ToString("yyyy-MM-dd");

navForm.SelectSingleNode("/my:meineFelder/my:CreationDay", NS).SetValue(convDate);

And it looks like a normal date field:

As you can see the red dotted validation does not show up.

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