SharePoint 2010 Using multiple instances of a custom Visual Webpart with properties

I already posted about the properties for your custom web part. Each webpart has a property toolbox by default. If you develop your own web part, you might want to make it more flexibel and provide a property toolbox for the endusers. But then it makes also sense, that you can use the webpart more than once at a page or in a website of a site collection.  In order to achieve this, i will go through my example web part where i used some settings. And finally it might help you, too.

We look at Webpart.cs:

//Property for RowLimit
private int _rowLimit = 10;
WebDisplayName("Row Limit"),
WebDescription("Row Limit"),
Category("Search Results")]
public int rowLimit
get { return _rowLimit; }
set { _rowLimit = value; }

We have a private variable and the rest you should know. It should not be static (_rowLimit).

We look at WebPartUserControl.ascx.cs

public SearchWebPart WebPart

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
this.WebPart = this.Parent as SearchWebPart;


This is how we access in the user control the properties of the webpart. We make a connection to the search webpart and its properties and afterwords we can call them simply by using:


That’s it. Hope it helps you.


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