ESPC14: Dan Holme´s SharePoint MasterClass Governance

Dan Holme talks about Governance but it was not only the G word. Governance is not only a document you are able to write. It is a process like “coming together an know how to play together”. Do not think that SharePoint matter! At the end, yes you are right, we are still dealing with technology but at the beginning we have to understand the Business Needs. If we know our business needs we can identify risk and be able to make a decision if technology can do it or not? And if it can do it, there will be one or more ways to deliver the services thats support the business needs.

Dan Holme spoke about IT as Innovation Technology instead of Information Technology. He also recommend that you IT hast to be something like this: “Here are the options for you! Which risk and costs are acceptable to you”

Be able to answer some of these questions to be able to make a decision your stakeholder is responsible for:

  • Who drove it?
  • Why does it matter?
  • How IT will be meassured?

Every time a risk will be coming up, let the bubbles get up to the decision makers. “Making the decision the right way! The right decision does not matter”

Here are some more things coming up during his session to think about:

  • SharePoint does not suck! You suck!
  • With SharePoint you can do anything not everything!
  • Take a look at the risk of inaction
  • Custom Navigation vs. Managed Navigation
  • It is not SharePoints fault
  • Ask the business to make a decision
  • See IT as agile –> learning and moving
  • Must have / Like to have / Cool to have
  • First check if it is possible to do it on Office 365
  • Do not say never –> Say which workload you will do

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  1. Cool Attitude! I like the way this guy thinks. 🙂

    I would like to hear more about the “Sharepoint does not suck. You suck!” point.



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