SharePoint 2010 Access other fields of a form within a custom fieldtype

As you might have noticed, i already wrote some posts about custom fieldtypes. But i didn’t wrote about this: How can you access the other fields and its values and maybe change them or use them within your custom fieldtype code?

UPDATE: watch this post

My posts about custom fieldtypes:

I luckily found this great post. The explanation is really good. So i put it in my code and it worked. I just changed the code a little bit.

[sourcecode language=”csharp”]

//Function to interact with other fields
protected BaseFieldControl GetFieldControlByName(String fieldNameToSearch)
String iteratorId = GetIteratorByFieldControl(this).ClientID;
foreach (IValidator validator in Page.Validators)
if (validator is BaseFieldControl)
BaseFieldControl baseField = (BaseFieldControl)validator;
String fieldName = baseField.FieldName;
if ((fieldName == fieldNameToSearch) &&
(GetIteratorByFieldControl(baseField).ClientID == iteratorId))
return baseField;
return null;
//Function to search the field in the form
private ListFieldIterator GetIteratorByFieldControl(BaseFieldControl fieldControl)
Control iterator = this;
while (iterator != null && !(iterator is ListFieldIterator))
iterator = iterator.Parent;

return iterator as ListFieldIterator;

//Now writing values into the other field
TextField fieldText = (TextField)GetFieldControlByName(“MeinTest”);
fieldText.Value = “Wert1”;



You should use this lines of code in your custom fieldtype, if you want to

  • fill certain values into the other fields
  • get values of certain fields
  • change values dependent on an event (e.g. button click)

In the end it could look like in the screens below.

On click “inserting values” the values Wert 1 and Wert2 will be stored into the fields which are below of the button.

And it is saving the values into the list:

Hope this helps you.


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