ESPC13: 10 highlights “Architecting the Optimal Enterprise Search Strategy”

Today the European SharePoint Conference in Copenhagen starts with some workshops. I attend at Tutorial E: Architecting the Optimal Enterprise Search Strategy by Agnes Molnar;; I do not want to replay everything but will note 10 highlights of this workshop.

01. Federation Search

You are able to add Federation search but you are not able to merge a federation search result with your SharePoint search result. You have to use webparts to display these results.

02. Search Applications

If you want to user search applications than you have to train your end users to use this applications or develop a solution so the end user is not able to recognized that he is searching. On example was a input box labeled with: “Enter your Customer ID here” and after hitting enter you will provide by a dashboard with all content around your customer id based on search results.

03. Pause a crawl

Within SharePoint 2013 you are able to pause a huge crawl. So it is possible to let a crawler pause during business hours.

04. People Search only on SharePoint Server

The people search is still available on SharePoint Server if you are using FAST4SP.

05. Auto Tagging

Auto Tagging is available on FAST4SP. So it is possible to migrate large content to SharePoint and tag this based on the content.

06. Continues Crawl

With SharePoint 2013 a new option called continues crawl is available. This is still available for SharePoint content but it puts the new content within minutes or seconds into the index. The price for this feature is resource.

07. You are in charge of search

With SharePoint 2013 it is possible to delegate search administration to a site collection admin or a site admin.

Task Site Collection Admin Site Admin
Create and or override Query Rules, including Promoted Results Yes Yes
Create and or override Result types and display templates Yes Yes
Create and or override Result Sources, either for remote locations or as a custom search “vertical” Yes Yes
Create managed properties Yes No
Create refiners Yes Yes
Start a local crawl – can even be done down to the list level Yes Yes

08. Implementation Planning

Your Search story is never done. Be a gardener and try to help to grow up your plants.

09. I cannot expect the user

So it has to be interactive. “If people like it the will use it and the will use it when they find their content”

10. Search will display your leg of security!


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