ESPC13: 5 Statements from Keynote by Henrik Kraght

  1. There are 700.000 SP developers around the world

    Ok, but what about the number of so called power user?

  2. Write once and run everywhere

    Is this still available? What about offline functions within this vision?

  3. Connected web experience

    Connect a Bing Map to your Spreadsheet, whooohooo … Are there any more business cases? What will customer do with the App Store? Where are real business case scenarios? How to get the most out of the power of the crowed and the web? The image search was a cool feature but the business value is not clear for me…

  4. It is all about flexibility and end user experience

    How much flexibility is the end user able to handle?

  5. Build Apps within your browser with NAPA for Office 365


    Cool feature but make it sense to an App developer to do his coding completely browser based?

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